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Aya Shlachter

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Super Late post: Reset…Reinvent…Repeat

I am a big planner and goal setter. Every year, I establish 8 to 10 personal and professional goals. When I am extremely busy, I am notorious for planning my days by the hour or even by the minute. I use my planning system as a navigation tool for my life. As soon as I realized the magnitude of COVID and its effects on the world, I was temporarily lost.

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Hi! I'm Aya!

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I am a creative at heart and entrepreneur by DNA

As an immigrant, full-time mom who fights to stay fit, I believe women can have it all. Business Growth. Financial Freedom. Health & Wellness.

Being an entrepreneur in the creative industry is challenging. Architects and designers were taught to master their craft but not taught how to run or grow a business.

I love supporting women entrepreneurs and creatives through sharing knowledge and experience through the AML Facebook community. I speak at various conferences involving female creatives and business growth.

I own multiple thriving businesses serving the creative industry and manage to have a life outside of my work, spending time with my kids and participating in sports.

I have a bachelor’s degree in architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University.

Thanks for joining and listening to my podcast.

Let’s all grow together!


We Build. Your Team.

Your Success.

Aya’s companies are all service oriented. Her core competency is helping companies grow and flourish by providing drafting, graphics production and business process support.

MGS Global Group

MGS Global Group provides on-demand CAD and BIM drafting for architecture and design firms.

MGS Graphics pro

MGS Graphics Pro provides on-demand graphics production support for e-commerce retailers, brand managers and art directors.


Business Process Outsourcing providing back office support for

customer service, virtual assistants, marketing & sales and much more.

the aml podcast

Gain the confidence to shape your career to fit your lifestyle. Aya interviews leading women in architecture and design and gives tips for how to achieve business growth while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

the aml community

Strong communities motivate change! Join the group to access free support and resources from other phenomenal women creatives.