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Helping creative entrepreneurs like architects and designers scale to 7 figures while having more life along the way.

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Are you an architectural or design firm owner who is overwhelmed by managing it all? With running a business, finding new clients, cash-flow problems, fulfilling new work, plus taking care of the kids, your partner and aging parents, it’s all competing for your time and energy? There is a way to manage it all!


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Aya is one of the few people I turn to on both a personal and professional level. I joke and tell her she is Super Woman incarnate, as she is able to put as much passion, dedication and time, if not more, to her family and outdoor activities including travel and sports. She has managed to create a healthy work/ life balance where she is on top of everything, whether it’s preparing her children’s meals or ensuring that her projects around the world are running like clockwork.
Joanna Arong
Filmmaker | Creative Director | Founder of Old Fool Studio
Aya has been a great mentor to myself and many others aspiring for the same balance and quality of life that she has achieved. From her simple little life hacks to her wisdom on life-altering decision-making, she can help you make all the necessary tweaks to bring you closer to your goals. Throughout my entrepreneurship journey in particular, Aya has shared very thoughtful advice on how to get the most out of my day on all fronts (business, marriage, motherhood, fitness), with emphasis on how vital self-care is to realizing success in all other areas of life.
Laurice Laurice Alaan Chiongbian
CEO and Co-Founder; Qavalo
Aya is living proof that women can have that work-life balance. She has managed to juggle motherhood, all her businesses and sports with relative ease. I watch her and am amazed at how she can pull it off and still keep her sanity. I have worked with her on several projects and inspired by the level of professionalism, passion and energy that she exhibits in everything that she has taken on. We need more Ayas in this world!
Lisa Crespo
CEO of Philippine Geogreen Inc, Creative Director of Ecotecture Design
‘Exceptionally hard-working and talented’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Aya. It has been a pleasure to get to know Aya on both a personal and professional level. She is not only a great mentor, but also a great friend. I am particularly impressed by Aya's ability to balance her life. She has proven success in nurturing herself and her family, while scaling her businesses. Her dedication to her family, career, and others is admirable. 10/10 recommend Aya for any need you might have!
Leah Berdysz
CEO and Founder of Empowered and Poised

About the Creator of the Architect My Life System

Aya is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, speaker and CEO of Architect My Life.


She knows what it takes to achieve big goals in life and business and she wants to help others do the same through Architect My Life where she helps female creative entrepreneurs and CEOs like architects and designers scale to seven figures in 12 months or less while enjoying more out of life along the way….Read More.

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