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3 Reasons Why Small Firm Owners Need a Strategic Plan

October is finally here and the official start of Q4. By this time of the year, most major companies take the time to reassess and check if all their Q1-Q3 goals have been met.  This is also a time when most companies start planning for the year ahead.  If other big companies are doing this, why not small firm owners? 

My friend who recently launched her firm and I were talking and I asked her what her long-term goals are. She told me that she is: 

  • Just surviving the work week
  • Barely managing taking care of myself, the kids, and the household
  • Has so much work and barely making my deadlines

Does this sound familiar to you?

Most firm owners struggle to survive the week but this should not be the case. Now more than ever, we need to take control of our lives and be proactive, not reactive. Here’s the thing, as responsible adults, we carefully plan what colleges we want to apply to, we plan our weddings, plan to have kids, buy a car or home insurance in case of accidents, etc.  But why do most firm owners neglect planning their business futures?

We need to act now.

Here are 3 reasons why we need to have a strategic plan.

1. Navigation map for your firm

You are a business owner and your decision as a leader directly impacts your team, your clients, and your family. Running a business without a roadmap is like driving a car with no clear direction.  It is our responsibility as business owners to take the lead.

2. Planning puts your business in a proactive position

You won’t be making decisions with a reactive mentality, but rather you’ll be in an anticipatory mindset. This gives you a competitive advantage and a better opportunity to grow and succeed.

3. Fall in love with your future (instead of fearing your future)

Imagine if you could sleep comfortably every night knowing that you have created a step-by-step long-term action plan for your business.


Isn’t this the reason why most of us started our own firms in the first place? To take control of our business and personal lives?

I would like to take this opportunity to share this in case you haven’t heard, my brand new course called Go Bigger and Better; A firm Owners Guide to Getting Bigger Project and Better Clients…all without burning out.

Go Bigger and Better will teach you how to better run “the business side” of your practice so you can consistently fill your pipeline with bigger projects and better clients., to maximize your firm’s profit margins

Architects and designers were taught how to master their craft but not taught how to run or grow a business.  I will show you how.

It’s essentially an “MBA crash course” built exactly for architects and creatives who run their own firms/solo practices. And on top of the core business-building lessons (which are all proven, tested, and backed by all the lessons  I’ve learned as a business owner for the past 12 years), you’ll also be getting 8  group coaching, 3 of which will have guest speakers who are my trusted business advisers.

The best part of this course is that we will be giving each of you a strategic plan and actionable roadmap for your success

So…are you ready to go bigger and better?

If you think this is the year for you to take your business to the next level…

Then I’d love to personally invite you to check the rest of the details here.

A little bit about me. I am Aya Shlachter.

A little bit about me. I am Aya Shlachter.

I’m the founder of MGS Global Group, an architecture support and outsourcing business serving architecture,interior design firms, including Fortune 500 and publicly traded companies.. It all just started at my humble home office in Queens, with myself doing all the work while I had a kid on my arm.

Fast forward today, my business has now served a ton of clients, some of which are huge brands I never thought was possible for me to land as clients. But trust me, it’s doable.

The best part? I don’t need 18-hour workdays to run my business.I still have enough time for life outside of work...spend time with friends and family, travel, triathlon, golf cooking and entertaining! That’s what freedom looks like. But none of this would have been possible without the right team, systems and management tools.

My goal is to share with you all the things I’ve learned so you can find your joy, experience freedom and have thriving businesses of your own. I truly believe that financial success without stress is possible.

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