3 Reasons Why Small Firm Owners Need a Strategic Plan

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October is finally here and the official start of Q4. By this time of the year, most major companies take the time to reassess and check if all their Q1-Q3 goals have been met.  This is also a time when most companies start planning for the year ahead.  If other big companies are doing this, […]

Super Late post: Reset…Reinvent…Repeat

I am a big planner and goal setter. Every year, I establish 8 to 10 personal and professional goals. When I am extremely busy, I am notorious for planning my days by the hour or even by the minute. I use my planning system as a navigation tool for my life. As soon as I realized the magnitude of COVID and its effects on the world, I was temporarily lost.

Women in Architecture

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The event challenged attendees to find ways to encourage young women to consider careers in architecture, provide supportive resources, and promote gender equity while celebrating women who have made their mark in the field.

How Embodying A Curiosity Mindset Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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We all want to find success and continuous gains in the businesses we run. With proper strategic planning and execution, the matter becomes a question of when and not if it will happen. There are times however when the realization of such goals does not materialize despite preparation and skillful implementation. It hurts to admit it, but there could be some key details which we failed to consider. What is worse is if we persist on continuing towards the same, costly trajectory.

Leadership Habits for Architects

A smart leader also pays attention to what his or her employees need in order to be successful. This impels me to purposefully sharpen leadership skills like flexibility, communication, focus, patience and humility.